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Traveling to multiple countries?

Travel Insurance Comparison - 2024 Review

Travel Insurance Comparison Plans

Travel Insurance Comparison is easy.

At TravelDefenders we compare the major travel insurance carriers in the USA. We share the results with you, all on one screen. Then you can choose the coverage you need and feel safe knowing that you found the best price.

Comparison Shopping

Most of us shop online to compare prices, particularly for hotels or flights on Priceline or Kayak.

Did you know there's a similar way to shop for travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Comparison Sites Make Shopping Easy

Priceline's search engines pull data from the airlines and show the results for easy price comparison.

Sites like TravelDefenders work the same way.

Type in your trip data, and voilà, you receive a summary of your options. We show you travel insurance policies from multiple companies all in one place. It saves you hours of searching each carrier's website and making a list.

Now, you can make informed insurance decisions before you travel.

TravelDefenders Provides Travel Insurance Recommendations

On your quote results, you will find a Recommended Plan at the top.

If you've read any of our other articles or spoken with us, you've probably heard us say it before. If you're traveling overseas, we suggest you buy at least $100,000 Medical Insurance and $250,000 Medical Evacuation.

Therefore, the Recommended Plan helps you find the least expensive policy that offers at least $100,000 Medical Insurance.

Travel Insurance Comparison – Do I Pay More?

Even with a list of options in front of you, you may worry you're not getting the best deal because of hidden fees or taxes.

Or, you might worry that you will pay more for a policy by working with a marketplace instead of the insurance company directly. Comparison websites have to make money somehow, right?

Fortunately, that's not how things work. Travel insurance comparison sites will never charge you a penny more than the insurance company.  

In fact, all travel insurance products are filed in each state. No one can sell an insurance product for a cent more (or less) than that filed price.

In truth, the price is the same no matter where you buy travel insurance. You never have to worry about paying too much. No one is allowed to discount or add commission.

Travel Insurance Comparison - Why Sell Trip Insurance?

Like all types of insurance, travel insurance prices include a built-in commission. If you buy from the insurance company, they keep the commission. When you buy from a travel insurance marketplace, it receives the commission.

That built-in commission does not affect the price you pay. Each state approves the policy and the price, so you are guaranteed to find the lowest possible rate.

What to Compare Between Policies

Travel Insurance has several major elements worth reviewing. Here are the different aspects you can compare with TravelDefenders.

Trip Interruption

Basic plans provide 100% refund for Trip Interruption, while others offer 125% or 150% refund. The 100% refunds the unused portion of the trip if you have to curtail it.

Why more than 100%? The extra 25-50% helps cover the cost of transportation home if you must end your trip early.

Medical Insurance

Some policies have very low Medical Insurance, like $10,000 or $15,000, while others have $100,000 to $250,000.

Typically, you find low medical insurance in policies intended for domestic travel. Higher amounts are best for travel overseas.

Medical Evacuation

You will see that Medical Evacuation coverage can range from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

While $100,000 might sound like a lot, it's not enough to bring you home from Europe or Asia on a private medical jet if you have a catastrophic incident.

We always recommend at least $250,000 Medical Evacuation if you're traveling outside the US.

Medical Cover

Some policies say Secondary or Primary. This refers to how Medical Insurance billing works. Secondary waits for your other insurance to pay first then pays their share. Primary does not care what other health insurance you have, they just pay first anyway.

Generally, we prefer Primary over Secondary, but if you don't have any Primary coverage outside the US, Secondary becomes Primary.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions/Waiver of Look Back

You can also see if a policy covers Pre-existing Conditions if it says Waiver of Look Back: Yes. If that's important to you, simply rule out the plans that do not provide a Waiver.

Look Back Period

Each plan has a Look Back period tied to Pre-existing Conditions. The smaller the number, the better.

Time Sensitive Period

You can see how much time you have between when you make your first deposit or payment on your trip to when you must buy travel insurance. If you buy the plan within 10-21 days of your initial deposit, the policy automatically includes Time Sensitive benefits like Pre-existing Condition coverage or Cancel For Any Reason.

Baggage Insurance

You can compare baggage insurance amounts, which range from $500 to $2,500.

Extra Cancellation Benefits

Some policies offer Cancel For Work Reasons coverage, and others provide Cancel For Any Reason.

Free Look Period

Each policy allows you to cancel the plan within the Free Look Period and receive a refund. Typically, it's within the first 10-14 days of purchase.

AM Best Rating

We show the AM Best rating for each of our insurers, so you know you're working with a reputable company. AM Best rates insurance companies based on their financial strength. All of our carriers are A or A+, which are the highest possible ratings.


We show the total price for all travelers, not the price per person, on the right side of the search results. However, all the benefits listed for the policy are per person.

Policy Document

Under the name of each travel insurance plan is a link to the policy document. You can review each insurance certificate before you buy it.

We Are Here to Help

TravelDefenders is powered by AARDY, the world's fastest insurance marketplace. We provide high-quality travel insurance plans from the nation's leading travel insurance carriers. All of our insurers received an A.M. Best rating with at least an 'A' (Excellent) rating for financial strength.

We are here to answer your questions so you can find the best policy that meets your needs. Feel free to TravelDefenderschat with us, send an email, or call us at +1(786) 321 3723.

Safe Travels.

This article has been written for review purposes only and does not suggest sponsorship or endorsement of AARDY by the trademark owner.

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Andrew NJ
Trustpilot 5 star rating
3 days ago
Travel Defenders - don't leave home without them!

After discovering Travel Defenders, it has been my "go to" for any trip insurance needs. The representatives have been super helpful and on target with recommendations. The process is simple and the representatives have always been prompt with answers and return calls. For this transaction, my agent was Melanie S and she was fantastic.

Judith Drake
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11 days ago
Easy to navigate website,gives you good…

Easy to navigate website,gives you good info,good value,there is a phone number you can call if you need help

Trustpilot 5 star rating
12 days ago
Customer Focused

My experiences have always been positive with the reps at Travel Defenders. They will offer suggestions as to your specific need and requests, but the customers always have the final say. I have dealt with Melanie and Don, and they both have been very helpful and good listeners. I have used this agency before and will continue to use them and refer my friends,