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AIG Travel - Travel Guard - 2024 Review

AIG Travel – Travel Guard – Review

AIG Travel – Travel Guard – Review
Insurance Partner
Coverage Options


  • Strong Insurance Partner
  • Good Evacuation Coverage
  • Broad Range of Plans
  • Primary Medical Insurance
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Waivers


  • Entry Level/Midrange Plans have Low Medical Insurance Coverage

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AIG Travel Guard is a leading partner of TravelDefenders.

We offer their Essential, Preferred, Deluxe and Plus Travel Insurance plans.

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Take a moment to familiarize yourself with AIG Travel Guard Company Review.

AIG Travel Guard has over 25 years of experience in the Travel Insurance sector.

AIG Travel Guard Insurance

Without question, it is one of the United States’ leading trip insurance plan providers.

AIG Travel Guard provides innovative travel insurance and emergency travel assistance plans for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world.

Its comprehensive travel insurance programs include:

  • Per-trip and annual plans
  • Coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, baggage loss and more

Through a network of assistance centers located in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, AIG Travel ensures 24/7 highest quality support in:

  • Travel Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Travel Assistance
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
  • Concierge and Personal Security Assistance

AIG Travel Guard Review – Independent Assessment

First, we concern ourselves with the financial health of the underlying insurance carrier.

In this case, AIG Travel’s underwriter for this plan, National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, maintains an “A” (Excellent) A.M. Best rating.

Secondly, we are interested in the health of Travel Guard insurance itself.

AIG Travel Guard maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. BBB does not issue a higher rating than A+, so that gives us great confidence to recommend AIG Travel Guard.

Finally, we are concerned about the way in which customers feel that they have been treated using Travel Guard insurance. AIG Travel Guard Insurance reviews are key to understanding how customers feel they are treated by AIG when they have cause to claim. We therefore monitor reviews of AIG Travel Guard insurance on an on-going basis.

AIG Travel Guard Trip Insurance Plans

AIG travel insurance Travel Guard uses dynamic pricing.

This means the premium varies based on the age of the traveler, traveler’s state of residence, cost of the trip, and length of the trip. The premium also increases as the departure date nears.

If you need to add trip costs to your plan after purchase, be aware that the premium may increase dramatically.

AIG Travel Guard offers incredibly strong underwriting, business practices, and customer support. We recommend Travel Guard to our customers without hesitation.

In this review, we discuss:

  • AIG Travel Guard Essential
  • AIG Travel Guard Preferred
  • AIG Travel Guard Deluxe
  • AIG Travel Guard Plus

Here is a brief summary of the plans that we offer from AIG Travel Guard.

Please be aware that AIG Travel Guard Trip Cancellation terms differ between every AIG Travel Guard policy type. If you are unsure which plan is best suited to you, speak to one of our licensed agents today.

AIG Travel Guard Essential

AIG Travel Guard Essential works best for travelers and families who want basic comprehensive coverage and access to 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance Services.

We love that Travel Guard Essential boasts some important Medical benefits. It has $15,000 Primary Medical Insurance, $150,000 Medical Evacuation, and if purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment, covers Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

The policy also protects you against the Default/Bankruptcy of the Common Carrier when you purchase the plan within those first 15 days.

In addition, you save money insuring children for travel. For each named adult, Travel Guard by AIG includes one child age 17 and under at no additional cost.

AIG Travel Guard Preferred

AIG Travel Guard Preferred has solid Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation and Cancellation/Interruption benefits. It’s ideal for travelers and families primarily concerned with Cancellation Insurance and 24-hours Travel Assistance Services.

You’ll find robust Medical coverage with AIG Travel Guard Preferred. It covers $50,000 Primary Medical Insurance, $500,000 Medical Evacuation and a Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver when you enroll within 15 days of making your initial trip deposit or payment.

AIG Travel Guard Preferred covers Default/Bankruptcy of the Common Carrier regardless of when you purchase the policy.

Like Travel Guard Essential, Travel Guard Preferred also includes coverage for children age 17 and under for each adult named on the plan.

Further, AIG Travel Guard Preferred gives you benefits such as Trip Saver and Trip Exchange.

Trip Saver reimburses you for the added cost of transportation, meals, and hotel if the common carrier cancels your flight due to inclement weather and you must book an earlier date or different location.

Trip Exchange helps if you have to cancel for a covered reason and rebook your trip. You receive reimbursement for the difference in cost between the original trip and the new one, change fees, cancellation penalty, and cost of the original insurance plan. 

AIG Travel Guard Deluxe

The AIG Travel Guard Deluxe plan is for travelers who want a comprehensive package of travel insurance cover and assistance services. It is the most popular and appropriate among international and cruise travelers.

You can enjoy a tremendous $100,000 Primary Medical Insurance benefit and $1,000,000 Medical Evacuation.

Like the other AIG plans, AIG Travel Guard Deluxe covers for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions when you purchase it within 15 days of the initial trip deposit.

AIG Travel Guard Deluxe also includes several other perks. It protects you from Carrier Financial Default regardless of when you purchase the plan. Plus, it also has enhanced Baggage Insurance, Travel Inconvenience compensation, and Security Protection.

For example, some of the Travel Inconvenience benefits include Missing Work, Runway Delay, Cruise Diversion, Hotel Infestation, Rental Vehicle Breakdown and a variety of others.

Like AIG Travel Guard Preferred, the Deluxe plan also gives you access to the Trip Saver and Trip Exchange programs.


AIG Travel Guard Plus

AIG Travel Guard Plus is ideal for international travelers who want a comprehensive package of Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, and 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Services.

Most often, we recommend AIG Travel Guard Plus for travelers taking world cruises, trips to remote destinations like Antarctica and the Galapagos, or African safaris. Seniors can find outstanding value with Travel Guard Plus.

The Plus plan accommodates Pre-Existing Medical Conditions when you purchase the policy within 21 days of the initial trip deposit.

AIG Travel Guard Plus provides you with $100,000 Medical Insurance, $1,000,000 Medical Evacuation, $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Baggage Loss & Delay, Missed Connection and Trip Delay insurances.

Note that the traveler’s destination also affects the price of AIG Travel Guard Plus.

The AIG Travel Guard Plus plan is an excellent choice if you are seeking AIG Travel Guard international coverage for your trip.

AIG Travel Guard Annual Plan

AIG Travel Guard Annual Plan is not a plan we currently sell on AARDY.com as we feel the policy limitations with an annual plan do not offer sufficient cover for our customers. If however you still prefer to purchase an AIG Travel Guard Annual Plan, please reach out to our agents who will be able to assist you.

AIG Travel Guard Gold Plan

If you are searching for the AIG Travel Guard Gold plan, AIG Travel Guard Silver plan or the AIG Travel Guard Bronze plan, these are no longer available from AIG and were rebranded as the AIG Essential, Preferred Deluxe and Plus plans.

AIG Travel Guard Claim

If having bought a plan you need to claim, the contact details for AIG Travel Guard Claim line are as follows:

  • Travel Guard (AIG) - Telephone Number for Plan Questions: 877.525.2381
  • Email Address for Customers: Inquire@travelguard.com
  • Claim Telephone Number: 877.385.8917 / 1.715.345.0505 (if overseas, call collect)

If you have any problems with your claim, simply reach out to the AARDY team who will try and help resolve.

AIG Travel Guard is a leading partner of TravelDefenders. We keep a close watch on AIG Travel Guard Reviews from our customers to ensure satisfaction is achieved.

Travel Insurance Comparison

As always, at TravelDefenders we recommend that travelers consider travel insurance.

You can get an anonymous quote in seconds and compare dozens of the top travel plans from many of the largest US travel insurers. We help you save time and money finding the right travel plan for your needs.

What many people do not know is that they won’t find the same trip insurance plans available at a better price. Anti-discriminatory law in the US guarantees you won’t find deceptive pricing on travel insurance.

Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website?


A trip insurance quote from TravelDefenders is the same price you see from the insurance carrier.

We are not allowed to compete on price for ‘filed’ insurance products. No one is. You are certain to get the best value from us.

Visit TravelDefenders first to see your options before committing to the first travel insurance policy you’re offered. Stop by and have a chatsend an email or give us a call at +1(786) 321 3723.

Safe travels.

This article has been written for review purposes only and does not suggest sponsorship or endorsement of AARDY by the trademark owner.

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Andrew NJ
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3 days ago
Travel Defenders - don't leave home without them!

After discovering Travel Defenders, it has been my "go to" for any trip insurance needs. The representatives have been super helpful and on target with recommendations. The process is simple and the representatives have always been prompt with answers and return calls. For this transaction, my agent was Melanie S and she was fantastic.

Judith Drake
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Easy to navigate website,gives you good…

Easy to navigate website,gives you good info,good value,there is a phone number you can call if you need help

Trustpilot 5 star rating
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Customer Focused

My experiences have always been positive with the reps at Travel Defenders. They will offer suggestions as to your specific need and requests, but the customers always have the final say. I have dealt with Melanie and Don, and they both have been very helpful and good listeners. I have used this agency before and will continue to use them and refer my friends,